General Information

In this online course you can find a description of the experiments which can be performed with the remote laboratory equipment based on the Blackbody Radiation concept. The Blackbody Radiation laboratory was set up by a group of students from CUAS University Villach. The content of the work is structured in four parts. The Introduction part presents a short overview about online laboratories. Chapter 2 describes the Blackbody Radiation Equipment and system. Chapter 3 provides general information about the laboratory interface designed in LabVIEW. The experiments which can be performed to the Blackbody Radiation laboratory are described in Chapter 4. Also an example for each experiment is explained. At the end, Chapter 5 provides several questions and exercises, related to observed phenomena, at which users (students or teachers) will have to answer.

Online Labs

Online Laboratories allows users to perform real experiments from a remote location. This means controlling a real hardware and retrieving real results out of the observed phenomenon. A division of the laboratory type can be made between batched and interactive laboratories: Batched Laboratory implies that the online laboratory can be used by multiple users in parallel without reservation. This type is practicable for laboratories with a low interaction level and short execution time. Interactive Laboratory means that the online laboratory has a high interactivity level and is used usually by one or a small group of users at a time. Mostly a reservation system is used to control the access of different parties. This Online Lab is an interactive and adaptive one. This means, the hardware environment and parameters can be changed remotely. Blackbody Radiation Lab is an online laboratory which can be remotely accessed and provides several experiments. To perform the experiments for the Blackbody Radiation Lab, the user has to visit the following link:

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